Monday, September 8, 2014

Moto 360 - Finally a good looking Smartwatch (Updated)

 Picture Source : Slashgear


The Good Stuff

Circular LCD - Looks way better than most other smartwatches
Thin Bezel - Few missing lines at the bottom (this is where the driver, etc sits) means a thin bezel
Small lug-to-lug distance - (35 mm), which makes it feel just right on most wrists.
Water resistance -IP67
Dual Microphones
Great viewing angles

The Bad Stuff

Old (2010), inefficient hardware
Questionable battery performance
Largish size - 46mm case diameter and a 11.5mm case thickness
Inaccurate Pedometer and  heart rate monitor
Android Wear is still in its baby years, although this also means the watch will get better with newer versions of Android Wear



Stainless steel case & leather band
Case diameter - 46 mm
Case thickness - 11.5 mm
Pixel Density - 205 ppi
Weight - 49 g
Battery - 320 300 mAh
RAM - 512 MB
Storage - 4 GB
Wireless Charging
Optical heart rate monitor
OS Android Wear 4.4


Pebble Smartwatch
LG G Watch
Samsung Gear 2

Yet again.

So. I am back, yet again!  All this while (last odd 2 years) I have been thinking, what should I post about and never really came up with an interesting answer.  Back when I posted about the Android 2.1 upgrade guide, android was still a baby and I thought that is what I wanted to do.  But alas, I missed the bus and now there are thousands and thousands of amazing people writing about all things Android.  Nevertheless I am still an Android fan boy and have been keeping a tab on all things Android.  Although not on an obsessive level.

Cutting a long story short, came home early today from work, and while lounging on my bean bag,had a flash of brilliance.  I think I (finally) know what I want to do with my blog.

So here is what I am going to do starting today.   Out of the tons of gadgets being released every month, a few catch my fancy and I will scrounge the www (so that you don't have to) and find out the best reviews out there and aggregate/condense/tabulate them into a short and sweet The Good and The Bad, if you may please.  I hope I do a decent job.

Coming up : Moto 360