Sunday, August 23, 2015

So here I am, yet again.  This time with a new mission.  Anyone who has driven around in Pune will be able to tell you horror stories about the traffic sense (or the lack of it) which prevails in the Oxford of the East.

Vehicle of all kinds - cars, cabs, trucks, buses, rickshaws, two wheelers (mind you, we have an insane number here), drive like Pune is exempt from all traffic rules.

This mental disorder affects people from all backgrounds, you can find the owner of a super expensive car flouting rules just as the under pressure cab driver who thinks dropping off his customer is to be done on war footing.

I recently purchased a Dashcam which is proving to be handy capturing my beloved brethren doing what they do best - being a nuisance of the roads.

Rant over.  Here is what I think can one be used to book errant drivers - A public facebook page where one can post pictures, videos of traffic rules being flouted.

Follow this link to access the page and feel free to share, comment, contribute to this page.

My hope is that one day some authorities will finally say enough is enough and take action.

Here's hoping!